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    My husband needs a new tent and I was wondering if you guys have any suggestions for us...I would like to find him a decent one for him to go hunting with..maybe a 2-4 person tent and then a good family tent for us to go camping with, but it has to be at least a 6 person tent...he saw a camoflauge tent somewhere, but now he can't remember where he saw it...also, if you have any suggestions for a decent hunting bag...i don't camp in the freezing cold like he does, then let me know that too...thanks again for all your help

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    You should ask this in the Outdoor Gear forum not the Waterfowl forum. It is a little further down the main page.

    The one thing about tents I recommend is not to get a camo tent. They are too hard to find when coming back to camp, and in the event of a search party can delay being found and rescued.

    Also there is big difference in tents depending on where you are going to use the tent and how you plan on getting to the camping spot.


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