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  • Swan decoys

    Anyone ever have any luck using swan decoys to bring in ducks? A number of times I've noticed a "ring" of ducks hanging around swans at Potters March and other places.

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    Swan deeks

    I haven't used mine for a while. But they do work. I even had 2 juvenile swans land and stay while I shot 3 or 4 ducks. Guess they figured mom and dad are staying so will we. They stayed with in 50 or 60 feet for about an hour then slowly swam away.
    I have two flambeau ponton perimeter swans. I am thinking about selling them, but maybe I'll just paint them to look like geese.
    Shoot to kill, kill to eat!



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      Ducks like to hang around swans, I assume because the swans can bring vegetation from deeper water and the ducks get the floating debris. You don't need a decoy, just get a low stool to sit on in the water if it is shallow enough, wear whites and hunker down. People have been doing this for years.


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        Swan decoys are very effective for ducks and of course for swans. We just buy super magnum snow geese shells, paint the bills black and make them float with some blueboard foam. They work great.


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