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  • What are the legalities??

    Let me start out by saying I have all the required stamps, my shotgun only holds 3 shells and I only carry steel..............and I am 100% in favor of enforcing consequences on fish and game law violators............BUT.......

    (Fortunately this didn't happen to me because I would have been a little irritated)

    One of my co-workers was "visited" in the field i.e. at his decoy spread by a Federal F&G officer

    He had to produce his license and stamps (ok fine)........ then he had to unload his gun.......and produce every single shotgun shell he was carrying so the guy could check it to make sure it wasn't lead.........then of course the chamber check for the 3 shell max...... all of this at about 8AM on opening day while he was sitting over his decoys.....

    Then they informed him that he was going to be checking other hunters in the area so he couldn't shoot until they came back by and gave him the all clear...... this took about an hour and a couple flocks did indeed decoy in while the Feds had him on a cease fire.........

    A) How can they require you to empty your pockets to check all your shells??? Isn't this a search?

    B) How can they require you to stop hunting, unload your gun and turn it over to them? Isn't this also a "search"?

    I guess my question would be...........what would happen if you told them "no you can't have my gun?"........... or no I'm not going to empty my pockets......where does your right to not being searched end??

    Then there's the whole issue of dropping in on a hunting party in the first 2 hours of the season AT their hunting location and telling them they have to STOP hunting for almost an hour .......

    I've seen F&G very effectively check hunting parties either on their way out of the field or back at the parking area.........virtually every thing that was accomplished by this disruptive intrusion could be accomplished back at the parking lot (i.e. license check, non toxic shot check, magazine capacity check, etc.)

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    Thats the craziest thing I have ever heard, telling them to cease fire until they were done checking people. I have been checked opening day just about every year but never told not to shoot until they were out of the field. As far as checking your shells and plug thats pretty much standard, One time a friend of mine was checked, they asked him to show his shells, he had a box of steel and 2 410 shells in his pocket from spruce hen hunting the day before. He was given a ticket for the 410 shells even though he was carrying a 12 guage and had just not emptied all the 410s out of his pockets. To me that was pretty lame. I would have been really pissed having groups of birds land on me and not being able to shoot just because the feds were 300 yards away checking another hunter thats pretty ridiculous. As far as being checked goes I dont break the laws so I have no problem showing my plug and showing my ammo but I would have really been pissed with the cease fire.


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      Get the name next time...

      I have been checked several times both at the launch and in my blind and I have never had a bad experince. I had a officer walk up to me during a hunt but every time some birds came in he pulled his face cammo and let me get some shots off. He was polite a curtious and I had no problem letting him rumage through my stuff. I Have also been checked at the boat launch and again no problem. I for one would have still shot at ducks even if the officier was in the next blind checking another party, what is he going to charge you with, shooting at ducks on opening day? Lock me up and throw away the key..get the name of the officer next time and complain.


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        I have been hunting up here 10 years and am yet to be checked in the field or at the launch, kind of surprising. I was checked a lot in Iowa and the Fed's were definitely the most complete. He had me empty all of my pockets and show him everything, he also but magnets on all of my shells, this was before all the new non-tox shot types. Now I hear they know the weights and and have ways of knowing if you handloaded lead in a steel or hevi-shot (non magnetic) shell casing.
        That being said, I have never heard of being told not to shoot until they left the field. Sitting at my computer I would say shoot when it was safe, but if I had been in your friends position I wouldn't have shot either, don't want to mess with those feds.
        I would call USF&W and make a huge complaint, I would go up as far up the latter as I could.


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          .410 lead

          Man, if you get a ticket for having lead shot for a gun you're not even carrying you need to take that ticket to court. I have to believe that the judge is going to toss that one out.

          If not, you at least get to voice your opinion of his fine police work.


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            Hunting is a priveledge, not a right. Do as asked while hunting the King's animals or don't hunt the King's animals. You agreed to follow those rules the day you purchased your license and waterfowl stamps. .


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              Never heard of that before.....did he give any reason for the cease fire? Was it just because he was still in the field and didn't want an *** full of Hevi-Shot?! I would of let him know how I felt that morning, but begrudgenly would have probably complied.

              I've wondered about the .410 thing before as I often grouse hunt one day and waterfowl the next.


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                About 7 years ago I got check at my blind at prime time. Told I coulden't shoot till they left. took their sweet time. I called and made a complant. Next year They showed up at around noon. This year it wasen't till the 3ed they showed up and then it was at the portage around noon. That same red and black camo canoe. However for a moment I thought they where going to pull out a rubber glove and tell me to bend over. just remember your not innocent even after your proven innocent!
                Also remember if your camped out and hunting multiable days you need to have tags on your birds,( Name, address,Type of , and date )When you leave your camp to go out the next day to hunt. If you haven't read that part of the regs you need to. I have allways done this and never had a problem. They were even surprised that I had them taged.
                Shoot to kill, kill to eat!



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                  what do you use for tags Duckman?

                  The little pricetags with string through them or something waterproof?....will be in SouthEast AK in October for a week of hunting on Admiralty Island....usually leave a wing attached and evidence of sex...(just kidding on the eos)...but have never tagged them, must have missed that in the regs...thanks for the info!


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                    i have tagged them with tape and a sharpie before when gifting birds. If a member in a hunting party wants to take home more than his limit from the field or boat launch I always "gift' them by tagging them before we both leave possesion of our birds.


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                      I think Milo hit it on the head.
                      I once was ticketed because I was standing next to a gent fishing with bait before it was legal (would be legal the next day, if I reacall). I was not using bait, but I guess it was just easier for the Trooper to to cite me for guilt by co-location. I took it to court and, to the Troopers credit, he admitted he did not observe me using bait, but thought that I probably would because I was near the other guy. Judge was reasonable, asked if I had been using bairt and when I said no, he dropped the charge and case dismissed. It did cost a day of work to go to court, but hey, that also meant another day in Kenai for some fishing after the hearing.
                      Those Wildlife enfocement guys have a tough job, and every once in a while they even have a tough day!


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