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banded birds this weekend

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  • banded birds this weekend

    What a weekend of hunting, shot 3 banded birds. one was a standard leg band, another bird had the metal band and a colored band, and a third bird had the web band. Never had luck like that before

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    Call the numbers in and give us a report. Maybe they were banded this year as part of a Bird flu survey. I can't remember the number to call but it is really easy to do. Congratulations on the bands!!!!! I don't hear of too many being taken up here.


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      Where did you take the birds ?
      Shoot to kill, kill to eat!


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        out on Nunivak

        I shot the birds out on Nunivak. One was banded in 04 with a web band, one was banded in 05 with a leg band, just said in Alaska. I have to call the other one in as it did not register in their online database.


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          Band #

          1 800 827 BAND that is the number to report your bands!
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            You can actually report them online now also. I reported 2 of them online. The web band I do have to call in tomorrow morning and see what they say, there is no way to enter the info online for a web band.


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              update on the band info

              Well I heard back from two of the 3 bands. Both of them were banded in Harrison Bay East of Barrow in July. One was banded in 05 and it says the bird was hatched in 03 or earlier. THe other was banded in 91, yes 91 and it said the bird was hatched in 89 or earlier.

              I can not believe at least a 17 year old Brant. WOW


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