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  • Christmas is coming .....

    Where are you guys going for opening day? I have not made up my mind yet....I mosty hunt around the anchorage area. I'm always looking for new hunting buddies if anyone wants to team up.

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    I won't be here for opening day. I shooting for Tue. Evening out on either Mud lake or one of the lakes there. PM me all ways looking to meet new people.
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      hunting possibilities...

      Just curious if anyone would be up to taking me & my 10 yr old son out duck hunting, or telling me of any spots to go that dont require a boat. I dont have a dog either. But I do have a brand new Beretta 391 auto, synthetic shotgun that a friend bought for me. (long story). PM me if any thoughts...


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        friday morning will find me

        in my boat on Gull or Leaf lakes depending on my mood and the wind conditions. My buddy can't make it so I am going it alone this time.

        Fishgirl - I think that you are in the valley. Do you know where Hayfield road is? That is the access to cottonwood creek area of the hay flats. You can walk in or ATV in on the one ATV trail there. I don't know the exact roads and what not to take to get right to the access point, but it has been published around the web a few times. google palmer hay flats and you should come up with some directions.

        That area may not be the greatest for the boy to walk in, but some areas out there are not bad. Opening day will be filled up with folks close in so it may not be the best bet. Hopefully you can find someone out there with a boat that will keep you and the boy dry and having some fun.


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          Fishgirl: go south on Knik Goose Bay Rd and make a left onto Fairview Loop Rd (across from Tesoro and Knik Kountry Liquor) and then go straight where Fairview makes a sharp left (road turns to dirt). Follow dirt road a little bit and make a left onto Scout Rd (not marked - you can miss it - follow other tire tracks). Thru the woods and down the hill (also a great scenic overlook!) This will get you to the parking area. Walk over the bridge and the Flats are your oyster. But be careful! Very muddy in areas with water, esp. after ATVs have been in there. Remember: Cottonwood Creek is tidal in this area, and if you cross any of the culverts and the tide comes in, it can be very dangerous. Please be careful.
          Another place to try is Goose Creek. Follow Knik Goose Bay down to the end to airstrip. Make right on airstrip (make sure no planes are coming in!) Follow to T and make a right. This is Burma Road. Follow this dirt road (bring a kidney belt for the potholes) and there is an access road on left (unfortunately you should be looking for the shot-up appliances - arrrgggh) If you come to where the water is crossing the Burma Road, you've gone too far. Park here and walk into Goose Bay. (There'll be water you'll have to wade, but it's only thigh deep). Just remember the Tides!
          Be safe and have fun!
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