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    Here is the photo of the canvasback I shot last weekend
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      last night with daughter

      well took the daughter out last night to do a little jump shooting got two she was exstaticas you can see
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        A few from the 5th and 6th

        For me. 15 birds 2 hours on thursday all day friday and 4 hours saturday

        My pod is left of the deeks.

        My partner after a long day hunting. We won't talk about his shooting

        Myself, I like to play with fire.

        Not sure why the pics came out so small
        Shoot to kill, kill to eat!


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          9/11 Fun

          Tailchaser and I spent another morning on the Alaganick shooting a few birds today. We ended with a mix of teal and mallards and finished our limit in about an hour and forty-five minutes. Then it was on to other things.

          We found a few otters playing down by the ferry terminals There was a cool white one in the group and I'd never seen on like him before.

          Here's a shot of my 80 year old great uncle. He turned 80 in May and then ran a 26 mile marathon in June. He did it in an six hours and sixteen minutes. Now he's on his 10th trip to Alaska and is holding his own up here fishing and hiking! I hope I can go like him when I'm his age!!


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            My pup bonnie


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              iam trying to take my 4year old duck hunting for the first time but i dont now any good places to go if you can help please thank you


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                I haven't found any easy places to take a kid duck hunting around here unless you have a boat. Walking through the spongy marsh and waste high (shoulder high on kids) grass is tough on my 8 and 11 year-old boys. You might just find any place that looks ducky either north or south of Anchorage and just take her to watch the marsh from close to the parking area. Take the gun, let her blow the a call, watch all the other creatures with binos, and who knows...just maybe a duck will fly by.


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                  Tired puppy!


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                    Visit Wy and kill some Pheasant & Chukers

                    Will be home in Ak mid Oct to kill lots of ducks and some geese.
                    Friend and I got 10 pheasant and 10 chuker on guided hunt.
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                      duck hunting 9/26 and 9/27

                      Hey guys new to the forum,
                      Friday 9/26, first day that we actually got out there and it wasn't a raining, then went again Saturday it was around 30 degrees first day I have seen frost, and a thin layer of ice on the trail, we had problems with the fog being to thick so the birds weren't flying till around 10:45 a.m. Anyone else have that problem? or any techniques other than jump shooting when its foggy out. Friday ended up with 12 birds, 5 teal, 2 mallards, 2 pintail, and 2 bufflhead, 1 wigeon. Saturday wasn't to successful 2 teal, and a pintail.



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                            Originally posted by ryanlj View Post
                            iam trying to take my 4year old duck hunting for the first time but i dont now any good places to go if you can help please thank you
                            If you have a wheeler you can go out out the hayflats off of hayfield road in Wasilla. There is a travel cooridor for ATVs. It gets a little marshy, but you should be able to make it. Once you get out to the channel you can sit on the edge of some of the ponds. The kiddos would have to stay in the makesift blind but it would be easy travel and a short walk from the wheeler.

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                              Fairbanks Area

                              Ducks are still flying even in the snow this Sunday morning. Limited in 3hrs. 05 Oct 2008
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                                Weekend of 26, 27, 28.

                                Heading in for bacon and eggs

                                From on top of the shack (at the portage)

                                Our camp in center of pic

                                The take. My partners 24 and my 22
                                Shoot to kill, kill to eat!



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