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Missing 16 waterfowl decoys at ACWR

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  • Missing 16 waterfowl decoys at ACWR

    Please return 16 waterfowl decoys, someone removed them from ACWR small pond. They can be left in the pond legally during hunting season according to the State and Federal authorities. 14 duck decoys plus one goose decoy plus one small light swan decoy. Please return them and stop taking what does not belong to you. Thank you

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    Yes it's legal to leave them but it's a dixk move.

    Always a jerk move to steal things. You check around the pond edge? If I got to a pond with decoys and no hunter in the morning before light I would be throwing them in a pile on the pond edge and hunting it my self

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      Originally posted by kwackkillncrew View Post
      Yes it's legal to leave them but it's a dixk move.

      Always a jerk move to steal things.
      Yep.... There's this tidal pond that a fellow forum member and I have hunted that we take a boat up river to get to. I decided once to see if I could find a way to walk down to it from a road. I managed to find my way there, and my buddy told me that he ended up having to leave a bunch of deeks there over the winter after not being able to get back to them. I walked around a bit and although the ice and tide had moved them around all over, I managed to find quite a few. I left them at the spot we usually put the blind as he was going to go hunt it in a couple days. Sure enough, before he got back there somebody had stole all of them. Amazing that duck hunters do that to each other.
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