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    Gotta be someone out there that can follow a plan for a layout boat so we don't have to import them from back east?

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    Cool boats! This is not a particularly difficult boat to build. The issue with one off boats as compared to mass produced popped off a mold boats is the labor hours for a one off is going to be something like 50 hours of labor beyond a rota mold boat. Ever lay up glass or work with epoxy? It’s not particularly difficult though build quality does tend to improve with each boat built.


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      I looked hard a couple of years ago at building them and I just don’t have the time. I was hoping to do it over the winter spoke to a builder and he said my garage was not conducive due to fumes getting into my house. He figured it’s a better summer project and I don’t have the time then for sure. I looked casually to get one up here and didn’t find much. Let us know if you do decide to ship something up possible of sharing shipping possibly?


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        That advise about building in the summer is good. Epoxy needs warm. The stuff is a little toxic and will diffuse throughout a building. For a one off boat my guess is a foam block carved to shape and covered with fiberglass and epoxy in appropriate amounts, with door skins or other light wood under your fiberglass, will weigh about 1/3 that of a roto mold plastic boat. With foam you could even hollow out a space for that old Model 12 Warerfowl Special to rest in!

        Have you guys had a chance to hunt out of a layout boat? Besides stability what other factors do you see as important?
        Any insight you have would be appreciated as I may decide to throw one together for my own use when things warm up.

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