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  • hayflats

    has anyone been out in the last few days....

    Wondering if she's ice'n over yet

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    I was out there yesterday... all day. It is definately icing up. The boat was struggling to break the 1/2 inch skin of ice on the marsh which didn't melt off that much during the day. 8 birds taken eventually. I know the hunting is not over, any suggestions?
    “The perils of duck hunting are great - especially for the duck.” Walter Cronkite


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      its not over

      better hunt the ocean then
      It's not skybusting if you fold em'.


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        what about the matanasuka river? are you allowed to hunt that river at some point or are there too many houses on it?


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          migrating time

          the other night me and the dog were out at 1am going fur a walk and it was the 2nd night i heard swans off in the distance. last night around 2am i heard the wings of birds moving. who knows where they were coming from. Being new to this area of palmer i thought well, they could have left before dark from up north around fairbanks and just made it here.

          any guys who hunt up north, have you gone out to not find many birds around these past few days since the cold has started to set in? :rolleyes:


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            A buddy of mine and myself limited in about 3 hrs.
            14 mallards
            2 teal

            A hint: Go where the Tundra's are holding up.
            Baron Rea


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