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  • new to duck hunting

    I am new to duck hunting. I am looking to buy a shotgun? What should I be looking for in a "duck gun"?

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    If your new to duck hunting I'd start with a pump, somthing fairly cheap.

    You cant go wrong with a Remington 870, or even a Mossberg....I'd stick with remington though...


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      Pumps are great first shotguns...

      I've used Winchester 1300 and Remington 870 pump guns in the past, I use a Bennelli Nova now. I'd look at getting whichever shotgun 'fits' you best. For me, the best fit was my old Winchester, but I really like the Nova now. The only other thing that I would add is that it really pays to spend the extra money on a gun with the camo finish. If not for the added concealment, the coating on my bennelli has made it virtually rust-proof, where the remington I bought (without the coating) would start to show rust spots by the time I took it home. Hunting near salt water, it seems that no amount of oil or protection could keep the rust at bay.


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        hey AK - I never asked you....You wouldnt happen to be in the USCG would you?


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          synthetic, parkerized

          Blued guns are shiny, and ducks do not like shiny. They get worse as the bluing wears off and the metal shows through. Wood stocks while age old and traditional, can be shiny depending on finish and swell and shrink depending on humidity.
          The pumps mentioned are all good guns. The Rem. 870 certainly has its place in history and personally I have shot it well. The Nova is well built too, and comes synthetic/parkerized. The Mossberg I had shot ok, but the action was not as good as the Remington or Win. 1300. I also like the old Ithica M37 (bottom eject), but don't know that you can find that gun with changeable chokes or not.
          3" chambers are more than enough for most any situation you may encounter. I have never use 3.5" but can't see the addtional cost being worth it for the decoying and pass shooting that I do.
          I love my 20 guage o/u, but shell selection is much more limited than the 12 guage. But for decoying ducks it is still my favorite w/ 3" loads. Even my lab loves the way it "clunks" open and "snaps" shut.


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            I started with a single shot. Starting with a single shot will teach you to take your time, and try to make every shot count. When I got profecient with my single I moved to a pump, an 870, which I think is one of the best pumps ever made. They are simple to clean, don't have a lot of parts, and aren't expensive. I too don't believe in the 3.5 inch shells, I think it is a waste of money for decoying birds, I have never had a problem with 2 and 3/4 inch shells for ducks, and 3" for geese. The 870 express has that flat finish on it, making it very good for hiding while duck hunting.
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