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How will the birds look?

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  • How will the birds look?

    Howdy folks. I am headed to Kodiak to chase a goat the second week of October. Obviously the goat is my priority, but I am also bringing the shotgun to chase a few ducks I can't find here in MT.

    Couple questions. What will the plumage look like that time of year? Do I have a chance to find birds worthy of mounting? Second, I use #2 steel for my birds at home, will this work well for sea ducks up there? Really pumped for this trip, just wish the pup could join me. Hopefully we will have a great opener here the week prior and he will forgive me.

    Thanks guys.

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    sea ducks will be in plumage by then I imagine, #2 should be fine, just make sure you lead em! What hunt did your draw out of curiosity?
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      Originally posted by ak_powder_monkey View Post
      What hunt did your draw out of curiosity?
      Crown Mt., which I believe is 472. I know you drew a tag as well, which I believe is one of the road system hunts. Looking forward to hearing how your hunt goes. Please document with pics and share with us.

      Thanks for the input.


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