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marlin goose gun and steel shot

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  • marlin goose gun and steel shot

    I have a Marlin goose gun, model 55. I believe it was manufactured in the early 1970's. Would it be okay to use steel shot with this gun? If steel is not a good idea, is there anything else I could use in this gun for waterfowl? Thanks.

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    I have one that my grandpa gave me, I never shoot it but if I did it would be with Tungsten or Bismuth.
    Steel is to hard for that barrel and will damage it.


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      Steel shot will not hurt that barrel. Only shotgun barrels that would be harmed by steel shot would be the old damascus steel barrels. There are 870 Remingtons out there older than this Marlin and they are shooting steel shot in them.


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        You may be right, just been told by guys with more knowledge then me that the Marlin Goose Gun was not a tempered barrel.

        Back to Chilly is this the super goose bolt action you have??????


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          It is the bolt action with the 36 inch barrel. I was expecially concerned with steel shot since it has a full choke. I got it from my 80 year old father-in-law who bought it new about 35 years ago. MCAT, I'm hoping to get down your way next week for a goose hunt. I know my father-in-law would get a big kick out of seeing his old gun take a bird or two after all these years.
          I think I'll just use Bismuth just to be on the safe side. The cost of Bismuth isn't that big of a deal to me since I've only hunted waterfowl twice in my life. But who knows, maybe I'll get the bug and have to upgrade to a new shotgun.
          Thanks for the replies.


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