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    What's the legality of using a pistol grip on a shot gun for waterfowling? I'm trying to decrease the LOP on my shotgun and it seems the only way to do it is put on an after market stock with a collapsible butt pad. This naturally comes with a pistol grip. Is it legal to waterfowl with a shotgun that has a pistol grip?

    This may be null and void because I'm trying to upgrade my shotgun by next season but it will still apply to my wife because she has the same issue.


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    As long as it's a gauge you can shoot, only holds 3 shells and the barrel isn't sawed off your good to go. I would look into youth stocks or buy a wood one and cut trim that butt down (that's what my dad did on my first shot gun when I was 7) way before I out a pistol grip on my shot gun.

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      Won’t be any problem with a pistol grip


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