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  • Time To Cleanup After Yourself

    Just a gentle reminder. The Anchorage Coastal Wildlife Refuge permit requires you to remove blinds when done. This blind has been there for awhile and is an eyesore (love the orange milk crate). If you arenít going to disassemble the blind at least pull your decoys.

    i didnít see any ducks while out for an armed dog walk but had a group of specks flyover almost in range. That wouldíve been a nice surprise to take home.
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    God....what a mess that is!!!
    Sheep hunting...... the pain goes away, but the stupidity remains...!!!


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      specks still in our state ? Had a report that last night late, several groups of geese were heading out down the turnagain arm.Have any of you guys that frequent the coastal hunting area still seeing geese? i have off a few days off next week. I may think about a quick goose set down by potters marsh if their were.


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        Working in town and still swing hundreds of geese a day flying around.

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