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"Handicap" spot for ducks near Anchorage

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  • "Handicap" spot for ducks near Anchorage

    My dad and I used to fly to Kodiak every year on Oct 8 for opening day and my uncle's birthday (Who lives there and was our "guide". That hasn't happened in nearly 2 decades. I would love to take my dad out this year to try to get some ducks, but he is mid 70's and not very mobile. We have a John boat, but I'd rather not use it because again, he isn't too mobile and has terrible balance nowadays. Anywhere near Anchorage that we could set up a blind and I do the leg work and he can pop off some rounds at some ducks? I do have a side by side that he has no problem getting in and out of, so we can do a little bit of traversing in that if need be. I haven't hunted ducks in forever, so I'm very out of the loop. I have about a dozen decoys that I just picked up as well. I also have a 10 year old nephew that can assist. Any help would be amazing as I'm planning this surprise trip for him soon. Thanks!

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    My thought would be the Palmer Hay Flats, but I can't recall if they closed that to motorized use or not. Maybe check with F&G. Sorry, that's all I got.
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      Hay flats is closed to ATVs. I think your best bet would be to find a way to get into some birds with your boat.

      You could also contact Buck, he goes by bucksducks here on the forum, or just google seldovia sea duck hunting and see if you can book a sea duck trip with him out of seldovia. I'm not sure if he's still guiding down there or not, but if so he'll get you on a ton of birds, and his rates are very reasonable.
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