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  • New Regulation Proposal to Speak Out Against

    I am passing this on to the forum from a friend who is a F&G employee.

    Hunting Dogs & Board of Game Proposal

    I'm trying to send this email to as many "dog sport" enthusiasts, hunting dog folks without starting a public panic. So, please distribute to your memberships and to your dog friends as you feel appropriate.

    Important proposal that will be voted on in March. We as dog, training people cannot afford to sit back and ignore this.

    I work with Dept Fish & Game. This is a board of game year. Board of Game makes our regulations for hunting & trapping.

    There is a proposal on the table from a trapper in Fairbanks that is asking for regulation that, if passed, will eliminate the use of hunting dogs after Oct 1 with small game. I realize this would not mean much to duck season. But, think of what this could mean to training with live ammo in the winter. Think about going hard, ptarmigan, grouse hunting during years like this one when we don't have snow.

    Dog groups must rally and stop this proposal. The trappers cannot be allowed to get this passed.

    I think all dog clubs need to unite, whether it is hunting dogs or just pets. Enough trail systems have been taken away. We can stop this, but we as a collective group may need to get into the proposal business for counter proposals. This proposal is only for Region II. That is all of Anchorage to Prince William Sound, Cordova, Kenai Peninsula and Kodiak.

    I can't be involved because I work for DFG. The meeting is at UAA in March


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