Any interest in a Hunt Swap? Sea Duck for a Spring Snow Goose



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  • Any interest in a Hunt Swap? Sea Duck for a Spring Snow Goose

    I'm from Fairbanks where I work seasonally and spend the late Fall/spring chasing the migration in the central flyway. A grad school roommate and close hunting parter of mine from South Dakota will be in ANC for a training the second week of December. I'll be coming down to meet him on Dec 11/12th and looking to hunt the 13-15th. I shoot my share of september brown puddle ducks in the Fairbanks area but have yet to chase sea ducks in AK with my winter travels south. I'm open for suggestions on some DIY options or a hunt swap in Kodiak, Seldovia, Whittier, Cordova, Valdez, etc. Pretty open minded, biggest thing we need is a boat to use. We have a limited budget but know the logistics involved chasing waterfowl, especially in the extremes of AK on big water.

    A coworker from Fairbanks just finished a great 2 week trip to SD chasing green heads. The Fairbanks cold and snow followed us down there, but that cold turned the kernels of corn into Mallard Gold and when we found the birds the hunting was as good as it gets!
    ~was going to post some pics, need help though...

    I chase the spring snow goose migration guiding hunts in Arkansas (late Jan/early Feb), Missouri (mid Feb-early March) and South Dakota (through end of March). I would be interested swapping a spring snow goose hunt for someone that would help out a couple guys on their 1st AK sea duck hunt. Show up with plenty of shells and an unplugged gun and I'll take care of the rest.

    Thanks for any help, I know December is just around the corner! Hope the birds are treating everyone well.


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    Cant swap hunts in AK unless you are a guide you can go hunting with friends. At least thats how I read AK rules.


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      I was questioned in South Dakota on how I knew the people I hunt with and how we met. Said we were friends. Which we were as long as there is no compensation meaning trades you should be fine.


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