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  • Possession regs

    Thought this discussion was worth it's own thread

    FIELD POSSESSION You may not possess or transport more than the daily bag limit while
    in the field, or while returning from the field to your vehicle, camp, etc.
    (50 CFR 20.35). You may retain up to stated possession limits of migratory birds in camps, primary residences, principal means of
    transportation (automobile), processing facilities, post offices, and common carriers.

    I have a question regarding this: So, are these specific to ducks killed in Alaska? IE, lets say I have 9 ducks in my freezer at home that I killed in AK. I'm planning on flying down to Arkansas to hunt in November. If I bring back my limit from there (24), would I be illegal for possession limits now in AK?

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    https://www.fws.gov/le/pdf/50_CFR_20.pdf That helped me some. Sounds like yes, you would be exceeding the possession limit.

    Has anyone ever had their freezer checked?


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      As mentioned by akrader, also in the definitions under Aggreate Possession Limit it states the following.
      Aggregate possession limit
      the maximum number of migratory
      game birds of a single species or combination
      of species taken in the United
      States permitted to be possessed by
      any one person when taking and possession
      occurs in more than one specified
      geographic area for which a possession
      limit is prescribed. The aggegate
      possession limit is equal to, but shall
      not exceed, the largest possession limit
      prescribed for any one of the species or
      specified geographic areas in which
      taking and possession occurs.



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        Originally posted by akrader View Post
        Has anyone ever had their freezer checked?

        have never heard of any instances
        I will never be a "Prostaffer" its not that I am not good enough
        but its because I refuse to pimp products for free.


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          That's why people need to read all of the regs even if you don't think it pertains to you. Like tagging birds left in your camp while you go out the next day. I knew about it from my days doing taxidermy. It wasn't in the regs sometime back and a guy got fined on the flats. I call the state and told them they need to put it in the regs and they didn't have a clue to what I was talking about, so I told them to call the feds. Now it's in there.
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            Agreed, I never knew about those federal regulations; I appreciate the link. I was not aware I needed to label any shipping container with species, count, etc to ship the meat back home.


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              Also in the CFR-200 it mentions a "Migratory BirdPreservation Facility". They define this as
              1) Any person who at theirresidence or place of business and for hire or other consideration or

              2) Any taxidermist, cold storage facility or locker plantwhich for hire or consideration or
              3) Any hunting club which in the normal course ofoperation; receives processes or has in custody any migratory game birdsbelonging to another person for purposes of picking, cleaning, freezingprocessing storage or shipment.
              So let’s say you’re on an extended trip with an outfitteror resident in a remote area, such as Cold Bay, could you fully process your birds at thisresidence and avoid leaving a wing or head attached?


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