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    Bud can you post this on the forum? Thanks.

    Waterfowlers and other refuge users: the Alaska Department of Fish and Game is currently conducting road and parking lot improvements at the Goose Bay State Game Refuge. The access road off Knik Goose Bay Road in being improved down to the old cannery docks on Knik Arm and to the old barge landing road. The parking areas at both these sites is also being delineated and upgraded. Several lead contaminated sites (from decades of target shooting) are being mitigated by burying under 18 of gravel. Intermittent road closures will be in effect Monday through Friday during construction.

    The University of Alaska is again trying to block vehicle access to their property including the Nike Missile launch site, which has acted as an attractive nuisance for the entire area resulting in trash dumping, vehicle burning, target shooting, and vandalism.

    We are also upgrading road signs and recently completed clearing and marking a new walking trail through the upland forest along the bluff top between the Knik Arm site and the barge landing road.

    Our hope is to attract more legitimate use of the refuge which will help displace the inappropriate and illegal use. If anyone witnesses these types of activities (including people accessing the airstrip with vehicles), please document appropriate information such as licenses numbers and contact the Alaska State Troopers (907.352.5401).

    Thanks for your help.

    Joe Meehan, Statewide Program Coordinator
    Lands and Refuges Program
    Alaska Department of Fish and Game
    Division of Wildlife Conservation
    333 Raspberry Road
    Anchorage, Alaska 99518

    tel: (907) 267-2281
    fax (907) 267-2433
    [email protected]
    ADF&G on the web:

    Get out and enjoy your public lands, visit:

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