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    Brand new to duck hunting and looking for the first duck gun; 12 ga pump left hand for a marine environment.
    Some online research seems or point to the BPS with the cammo coating; affordable and ambidextrous.
    Anyone have any experience with these?
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    My newest pump is a Winchester. SXP. Great inexpensive pump. A bunch of alloy in the receiver and a tough coating on the barrel make it a great beater pump. Highly recommend it. I know other guys on here will say the same.


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      I'll agree with that I love my winchester sxp excellent gun use a 26 inch barrel it's so easy to clean and maintain. Their very economically priced as well. Hold and rack a mossberg and then do the same with a winchester sxp. Great gun good luck buddy


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        I use a BPS exclusively for for duck and goose hunting.Every weekend for about 3 months a season.Just have to be sure you don;t short stroke the pump or it will jam.And because of the bottom eject it is hard to tell how many shells you have loaded.Bottom eject is nice in a blind no real cpmplaints it works very well and pump vs auto is a non issue for me.


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          i bought one for my lefty son. It has not gotten tons of use but we have never had a problem with it. It is a heavy gun which isn't necessarily a bad thing shooting heavy duck loads. The bottom eject is nice if you are sitting close together in the blind. You can't go wrong with a Browning IMO.


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            As a fellow south paw I understand the struggle with shells flying past my face, stock fits almost good, having to swap safties etc... Things are AlOT better now than they were twenty years ago for lefties. The BPS is a great gun and I really like the top "tang" safety. I agrre with BirdStrike in that they are heavy, but to me they are balanced well and feel good in the hand. I also think they are a little pricey for a pump gun.I believe Remington still makes the 870 in left hand. I have had one for years and it never let me down. The Benelli SBEII (autoloader)is really only half left hand. The shell ejects out the left, but the bolt release is on the the wrong side. It is like all they changed was the "upper" and used the right hand "lower". Not sure if Benalli makes the Nova in left hand. Good luck with your search, they are all pretty reliable, and grab what fits and feels the best to you.



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              I have three BPS 12 gauges and I love them. I shoot left-handed, so I have played with reversing safeties, reaching underneath to hit the safety, etc., and there is no good option to use right-handed guns IMO. Most right-handed guns eject to the right, so a lefty shooting them would have hot shells crossing in front of his/her face - never a fun experience.

              My go-to now is a left-handed Tristar autoloader (~ $600 new, if I remember right). It is not nearly the level of gun you would get with a Benelli, but it was much cheaper, and I have had pretty good luck with it. I think for a first gun, the BPS is the way to go. There are a few more parts to clean then an 870, but the bottom ejection is the way to go. If you are planning to hunt marine areas, then you are likely to be dealing with spray, rain, and snow (or some combination thereof). The fully enclosed top on the BPS does help keep the gun clean - I get much more gunk and crud in the action on my auto than I ever had with a BPS. As far as I know, Browning stopped making a stainless BPS some time ago, but the camo'd synthetic model would be just fine so long as you keep it oiled up and wipe the salt down regularly.

              There are a few points you should be aware of on a BPS, though. The length of pull on a 3 1/2 inch is a fair amount longer than the 3 inch. If you are used to pulling a shorter pump stroke, it will take some getting used to. Others have pointed out the weight as well - these are heavy guns, but it's worth it. I have one set up for snow goose hunting in the lower 48 - magazine extension for 9 rounds. Despite this, it is still an easy gun to hunt with because it is balanced and the felt recoil is pretty low (due to the gun's weight).

              A few other points to consider: Some other posters have mentioned the left-hand 870. Unless you order it from Remington directly, good luck finding one. Cabelas and Sportsman's both carry BPS, and you can find them used quite often. Two of my BPS I I found for less than $300 used, in very good shape. Parts for a BPS are easy to find; less so for any special-run or limited production left-handed models of typically right-handed guns.

              I'm guessing you are looking for a good starter gun. A BPS would be my recommendation. If you want to look at other left-handed guns (for fit or just to see what else is out there), you might check out the Tristar Viper, Benelli Montefeltro, M2, or SBE II, a left-handed 870 (if you can find it), and the Escort Extreme (which I have never seen, but I know it can come in left-hand). Maybe this link can help you find out more about what's our there:

              Good luck!


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                Thanks guys for the responses. Think I'll focus on the BPS; if anyone here knows where to find a used one, I'm all ears. I live in Homer but often do roadtrips to town (anc). Will check the gunships, prefer to get one here in the state if possible.
                Went to the Kachemak Skeeters turkey shoot on sat to check out the scene; love that gunpowder smell! If I find a gun in anc, would love to shoot clays on the same trip up there, wouldn't mind company to the range and beer to follow if anyone's in.
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                  Might come up to the Palmer gun show to see if I can find something; is it a decent sized show?
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                    I may know of a used one for sale. E-mail me at if your interested.


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                      i have a bps in 10 ga i like it.


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