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Moving to the Bigger state!

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  • Moving to the Bigger state!

    Hello all, moving to the state early next spring from Texas. Figured I'd say hi and introduce myself.
    moving to the Fairbanks area, getting stationed at Ft Wainwright. Been hunting waterfowl down here for 10 yrs or so. Super excited to get there for next season. Figured while I was there I'll put in a "few" miles and chase some sea ducks and hopefully a swan or two. Hope all y'all do well!

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    Can't shoot swans in Fairbanks. And for sea ducks the nearest ones in any real hunt able numbers are probably 6 hours away. It's a real fast season up that way

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      Yep trackin gonna have to put in some miles, thanks


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        Welcome to forum.. But you need to look at the map and see where Fairbanks is compared to the sea... kidding aside. Safe travels and enjoy the season down there. Miss those hunts.
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