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  • Rabbit Slough Ramp

    Wanted to point out an observation we saw at the ramp this past weekend. Not much space to turn around with truck and trailer as always. I will add..that everyone was pretty courtious in most part in getting in and out as quickly as possible. Its not a place to pull your boat up, back the truck down and then start cleaning fish..please try to keep it as open as possible.

    kudos to all that moved quickly...heard a few tail lights got smashed due to rushing..

    In regards to the is pretty obvious that this time of year there are many canoes, layout boats and other small watercraft traveling the area. If you operate a larger boat/motor. This is the time to be aware of your wake and ensure you do not swamp the smaller craft.
    A duckhunter coming back down the slough was almost swamped by an either inconsiderate or inexperienced operator last Monday. It only takes a few mins if that..idle down.

    AWA is growing and we are excited about that. If you see the AWA door stickers...stop me, lets chat if your a member or not. I want to hear your ideas and concerns in regards to Waterfowling, projects, conservation etc. We need more members and a voice for waterfowlers across Alaska.

    I usually have brochures or hats and decals for sale if interested.

    Thanks for all the support.
    President of Alaska Waterfowl Assoc.
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    Seems like the boat ramp should be closed for fishing. I hate to suggest this but the fisherman don't seem to want to move.

    The first spots closest to the slough are a no parking turnaround area. Not sure if the signs are still up though.

    Most large boats on the slough do a great job slowing down and being respectful to others. With that said, if you have a large boat, it does not give you the right to harass other boaters. It also does not give you the right to the center of the slough, pushing everyone else into the weeds. So, slow down and treat people the way you would like to be treated.

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      I am one of the "large" boat operators. I always try to slow down for others and be courteous. I can't say everyone that I have come across is the same.

      I was also one of the guys who broke someone elses tail light. I left a note and a hat for em and it turns out it was someone I knew. Doing the right thing always pays off.
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        Speaking of Rabbit Slough, you guys that are hunting that area, are you jsut going out towards the inlet and setting up, or what?

        I was out there before season with my son and dog and meandered down the slough a long ways. Seems like it just meandered forever and ever. Never did get to an area that looked like duck hunting area.

        Also, man that grass is murder on your prop. I was stopping every 5 minutes and getting ot of the boat and clearing the grass from the lower unit. I thought we'd never get back. What do you guys do to deal with that? (Those of you with prop motors, know you guys with mud motors don't care lol.)


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          I was there also. My trailer light was smashed. No note, no sorry, nothing. Also, I was there when the large boat almost swamped the lay out boat. The guy with the "I was a guide in X-state" attitude, should have apologized when he had the chance instead of trying to explain how motors work. Not his best day. I have a large boat also, so I worry this type of behavior reflexes on all of us.

          I counted 8 tickets issued by AWT in the PHF. Perhaps, you do need to do more than watch D Dynasty.


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