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  • Legal shooting time for opener

    Hunted the ACWR fo opener with my 10 yr. old son, his first opener. 90% of the hunters down there began shooting 12 minutes early. This started the wave of flying birds early and my son and I could not shoot while most everyone else is blasting away including one nearby group with kids. the initial wave of birds would have waited until 6:22 am had everyone followed the law. Another hunter later stated to me that once everyone else started shooting so did he because they couldn't arrest us all. On a positive note my son got his first three ducks with his 870 compact 20Ga. We had to stay a little later but i shot a limit of birds. We had a great time just want everyone to know that you shouln't adopt others ethics, and that you effect everyones hunt even a 10yr. olds first.

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    Good job!!

    Hell yes they were shooting early. 12 min at least. 6:09 I think. B*****it!! It felt like a Bristol Bay commercial fishing opening. Everybody coming in late, coming it too close, and starting early.


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      I had guys two years ago shooting 40 minutes early. I guess it was birds on the water because i could not see enough to shoot. I ran into them in the parking lot and they wanted to show me their birds. I asked how many they shot prior to LST. They said "there's a shooting time?". There are shooters and there are waterfowlers. Thankfully, the shooters mostly disappear after the opener.


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        Yeah. we had some pull the trigger 8 mins could hear everyone talking about it acorss the marsh. Glad to see everyone held off.

        Yes, they willl leave and only the diehards will be out there in a week or two...
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