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    Alright my wife wants to go camping next weekend down by the Whittier tunnel somewhere and of course I want to go duck hunting. I have heard that there is some duck hunting to be had down there but can't seem to find anything when I search. Not looking for someone's spot just looking for a general area where I can park and just start walking?

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    Don't know specific areas.. I would use my phone or terrain association and head down. Look for marshes and open water. There is plenty of areas to set up back there. Would personally head up 20 mile and walk in to some of the marshes back there.

    Aired many on here have more info.. Good luck and take a rod. Silvers are in as well.
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      I've hunted around there a few times. I've parked in a pullout on the right just after you turn toward Whittier from the Seward Hwy. Not sure about parking there overnight, I have just done day hunts. I've never seen a lot of ducks in that area, but probably worth taking your shotgun anyway.


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