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  • Homer scooters

    Looking for any tips or pointers where could any of the three types could be located. Not looking for secret spots.
    Taking my oldest and this will be his first actual hunt. Trying to make it memorable. And trying to avoid the dog taking an out on Craigslist looking for new owner who can put me on ducks to retrieve.

    Living the Alaska Dream
    Living the Alaskan Dream
    Gary Keller
    Anchorage, AK

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    I think you can rent one downtown. Not sure of the weight capacity though......... :-(

    Er, uh, I have found the scoters in Homer to be very skittish, but on occasion they have come into a spread drug behind me on a drift and we got a couple. Maybe if you get after them earlier in the season that I was (nov/dec) it would be better, but they might not be there early season?

    You should go look for some puddlers - maybe better at decoying - especially earlier in the season.


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      Pm sent.....


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