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Tanana Lakes Public Meeting Tonight

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  • Tanana Lakes Public Meeting Tonight

    Waterfowlers of the North,

    The Borough is holding a public meeting regarding the future of Tanana Lakes tonight at Noel Wien Library. If you value the area as a duck hunting spot, it might be a good idea to attend. A good chunk of the area has already been ruined for waterfowling - let's make sure the rest isn't spoiled.
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    If there is something that AWA can do now or in the future about any concerns you or anyone is having up north with wetlands or conservation ideas. Please let me know. We will dance on desks if we have to in making sure waterfowlers voices and concerns are heard.
    Thanks man

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      Thanks Hugh,

      I attended the meeting - along with about a dozen other folks, none of whom were waterfowlers. The borough rep said the area received almost 90,000 visits this summer. Most of those folks were using the new "beach" and the non-motorized lake for kayaking, canoeing, and stand-up paddleboarding. As I understand it, waterfowling is a sanctioned activity and is part of the master plan for the area. However, I foresee waterfowlers getting crowded out as the area becomes more "user-friendly." I know beach use will diminish once the temperatures begin to fall. However, what is it going to look like on Labor Day when a dozen duck blinds pop up in the marsh and folks show up to sunbathe? I know what will happen. The sunbathers will complain and duck hunting will be weeded out of the master plan.

      I'll keep you posted on how it goes in the next couple of weeks. Thanks again.
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        In case you missed the meeting, there will be another one in a couple of weeks. Check the FNSB website for details. I think it's scheduled for September 20.

        Here's the map:
        Click image for larger version

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        Note the new swimming beach and paddler's access launch.
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          The meeting will be Saturday at 10:30 at the Noel Wien Library.
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