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    Was looking forany information about running littlesu out to flats and parking boat for a day or two. How big of tides by the duck shacks? Howfar out is channel for anchoring? Have a 18' gator trax with 45 hp mud buddy and might try to do opener down there. Any information would be appreciated.

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    I used to hunt the mouth of the Little Su with my dad. We put in at Ship Creek in a 21 ft Wooldridge and shoot across to the mouth to hunt. Spent the night there more than once. But the incoming tides did catch us pretty much dry one evening and he just got floating before a big tree rolled up the river towards our boat. Tree didn't get us but the anchor drug and we went upstream 30 yards before it caught. It was definitely opening weekend.

    That was right near the mouth. Not sure where the shacks ur talking about are. Big tides near the mouth made the river look crazy. I have never taken myself back to those spots. That was 25 years ago.


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      To get to the shacks I know of you need atleast a 29 foot tide.

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        Just this past week some idiot launched a 10 ft boat at ship creek, crossed the inlet and ended up stranded on the other side. Don't recall if it was big su or little su, but they rescued him the next day. 10 footer, what a idiot, coast guard valued his live more then he did, bit it cost thousands to send a heli after him for rescue, not counting time it took to loacte him.

        i do know some people who travel down the little su and hunt the mouth each year, camping. watch the tides, they do get bore tides coming up river that can easily swamp and sink a smaller boat. Bud


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