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  • Decs success

    Has anybody ever had and luck using decoys around cottonwood creek in the Palmer hay flats? We've used anywhere from 6 to 18 decoys and a baby mojo and still have not had any luck getting them in. We also have 2 duck calls, a PHAT lady and a custom one and still little success. And pointers or alternative places to hunt? Thanks -Wes

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    I enjoyed some success when I was hunting there, probably about 12 years ago. As I recall we had a dozen or so decoys out, mostly mallards and a couple teal. Had some good days and some skunked days. One time my buddy called in a flock of geese. They didn't flare but came close enough for us to get three of them.


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      Are you new to the area. Many members here hunt this PHF and it can be great. There are plenty of birds out there..but you are going to have to get away and walk to find consistant shooting coming in from that side.
      Duckslayer56 (Tom) has some good info on this. Hit him up on PM. He consisntantly pulled limits from that access point.

      Good luck this year..sometimes you have to really put in the work here in Alaska.
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        I've actually hunted the Palmer hay flats for 5-6 years but it's only been recently that I've actually started being successful. And last year was my first year using decoys but without much success.


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          Decs success

          If I was you I would throw 5-8 decoys in a pack and start hiking an hour or 2 after sun up. That way you don't scare off the decoy hunters birds when get are working early in the morning. Start hiking around. When you jump birds take a few shots then set the decoys out sit for 20 minutes or so watch where ducks fly maybe look for patterns the. Move and do it all over again. This will allow you to get shots at ducks while also learning the area and patterns of ducks. By setting out decoys for a bit it really allows you to focus on what's going on around you other then just 20-100 yards when jump shooting. Just my. 2 cents. Once you find a good area you like the. Hike out in the morning with more decoys and give it a solid try

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