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  • Solstice.....

    I hate solstice. The longest day part is great, but it always seems so much like the last day of summer and beginning of fall, with the remaining days rapidly getting shorter and shorter, the rains of late summer becomng more frequent, and it always seems like the best and warmest days are behind us, even if I know we will still have some good weather to look forward too. Hunting season is starting just around the corner. Bud

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    Wow bud talk about negative cheer up only 71days till opener
    Is it opening day of duck season yet
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      For me I love the solstice for the fact that now the days are getting shorter and hunting season is now getting closer. But on the other side I look forward to winter solstice because the days are getting longer and hunting season is getting closer.
      I guess I just love to hunt

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        I feel Buds pain.... I live for the summers as many, but really enjoy the fall season almost as much. Then of course there is sport of chasing our feathered friends.. 70 more days seems so fast
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