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  • First Goose Hunt

    I admit...I'm hooked. Last year I didn't go out goose hunting at all b/c to be honest crossing a thawing out river just scared me. This year it was a little different. I was able to take the four wheeler out and cross two sloughs to access the a point on the Yukon. The muck wasn't terrible yet, but it was getting close to being unbearable. We built a blind out of willows and spent about 4 hours on Friday night, then all day Saturday. I ended up shooting 4 geese (one on Friday and three on Saturday). Could have had more but my gun didn't like the kent shells I was using. I only shot 7 times. SHould have had more, but the jamming was stopping me. No idea what was causing the jam. The gun is/was cleaned before and after each hunt. I changed shells yesterday and had no jams after running a whole box through of a different brand.

    Funny story:

    The second bird I killed on Saturday tried to take us out. After shooting the goose, I was trying to clear my misfeed while sighting down to draw a bead on another one. when out of my peripheral vision I see a streak and hear a whine, then a thud. The goose landed right behind me and my partner. Almost took off our heads.

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