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Another Dumb AK Waterfowling Question...

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  • Another Dumb AK Waterfowling Question...

    Here's another one...

    Is there any use for field decoys and blinds up there?

    That's our primary hunting method here in ND. If there's no similar type of hunting up there, then I'll have to sell several thousands dollars worth of decoys, blinds, and trailer if I move. Not that I'll have a problem doing it, but it's a great spread and I hate to part with it....

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    Decoys etc

    That really depends on where you hunt. There are a few places that I'm aware of where field decoys are use. Delta comes to mind as well as many of the flats. Many other places regular deks will work and lots of others where jump hunting is your best bet. As far as a blind that depends on where you're hunting. If you were hunting out at Cold Bay then no you don't need a blind as there is plenty of natural cover. Most other places that I've hunted have enough natural cover that a blind isn't needed although that depends on what kind of a blind you have. Hope this helps.


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      I use a layout blind for hunting down here in SE Alaska...


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        Odds are, you wont need as many decoys (field) as you have. One very big difference with hunting in AK is access. Mostly, your going to have several modes of travel to get to a hunting spot (truck then boat), and your ability to haul large spreads to the hunting grounds are pretty limited. I do have some field decoys up here as well as some layout blinds, but the decoys are mainly silo's as they dont take much room and its pretty easy to get numbers out there. The driving the enclosed trailer out into the field is pretty much non existant here. I have a fair spread of FB's and blinds, but they stay down in WA and get used on my visits later in the fall/winter.


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          Yeah for hunting down here we pack out 2-3 dozen inflateable decoys, and maybe some goose silholetts (sp) When I sea duck hunt though - its game on.....5-8 dozen floaters depending on how the birds are working :P

          But then again I haul em in my boat!


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            Appreciate it, guys...


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              geese dekes in the parts of the marsh w/o water might be pretty great
              I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.


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                I just use Outlaw silhout., a couple of dozen and a few full bodied and natural foliage of sorts and clothes that are in tune with the surrroundings. Using callers of various species is key.


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                  Sometimes not calling at all and letting birds work is best...

                  Call to Tips and tails, otherwise leave the call alone!


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                    Like some one else stated, depends on where you hunt.
                    I have many full-bodies and motion shells, plus socks and silhoutes.
                    I hunt from lay-outs, boat blinds, and pits.
                    Depends on how your going to hunt them.
                    Most the time you don't need 13 dozen full-bodies like you might in the Dakota's but then again I have pulled in alot of geese beacause I use a big spread and most folks around here may only have one or two dozen out in the next field.
                    AK is a big staging area and giving the field the staging, refuge look can work in your favor when you are competing against the other hunters.


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