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Need to know how to get to super secret spot

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  • Need to know how to get to super secret spot

    Ok I don't give out spots and especially do not do it online even if it is an obvious spot. Having said that I'm having difficulty finding an outfit to provide transportation for a drop off hunt south of anchorage (to the people that know you know what I'm talking about). Don't care if it is a boat or a plane but if someone could recommend an outfit I would appreciate it.

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    If you to be dropped with floats you should call trail ridge air at lake hood and ask them if they have been your spot or close to it.

    If on wheels there may be other issues.

    If you are going into a refuge they need a permit to operate.

    There is a water taxi service on the KP for clammers to go to the west side of cook.


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      Alaska West Air
      Natron Air

      Both of those are Kenai Peninsula outfits flying in the area south of Anchorage.


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        Thanks a bunch


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