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  • my mounted pin

    anyone want to see my just finished flying pintail? i didn't do it. Had my 2nd bird done at Caribou Unlimited, in Sterling. I would highly recommend to any of you if your looking to have an awesome mount done, stop by the shop on your way through here. Just past Robinson Loop on the left. about 6 miles east of slowdotna, on the sterling hwy. Yellow and Orange sign. can't miss it. Drop your birds off, look at theirs and when you get it back, you'll be stoked.
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    Just curious...since I havent been hunting waterfowl long in Alaska...It looks like yours is pretty good, but since the birds seem to leave here early, how is their plumage generally? I have seen a lot of greenheads that are not very green when they leave. I am used to Montana in December/January and the birds have had longer to get winter colors.


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      shot in California, jan 24th.


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        that explains it...


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          Price to have this mount done?


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            price $275.00

            275.00 i know might sound high to some but for those of you with good jobs, I think it's well worth it. for me personally when i was 37, and after duck hunting every year since me's a freshman in h.s; decided it was time to get some duck mounts going. Not only are they beautiful to look at and fur decoration but more importantly, they all are and will be a reminder of my Dad. Thankfully, I still have him. I'm not crazy about mounting every dang bird I kill but in the last 13 yrs, I do have 18 ducks and a snow goose. Back home, i really never paid more than $140.00 and even though the birds are dry and pretty, i happen to have had a few different people do them. Like i said, they are nice but they do not come remotly close to the professional and detailed work by Rick, over at caribou u. He has a great eye and only wish I had the chance and to have all my birds re done with new ducks.

            I'm sure you guys up north of anchorage have good people up there and nobody told me to write this. Just wanted to break up the winter routine. or should I say "spring" Maybe i read too much into it but there is nothing like a major league mount. shot this golden eye on the upper kenai in '04
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              Beautiful birds dude.....but I fell in love with that Pintail (wow) Congrats!


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                Nice mounts. love the pin tail
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                  great looking mount dan I had my pin from oregon done very simmillar to yours in flight nothin prettier I think than a pin. Unfortunately we have to go outside to get them waering their colors. I will try to download a shot of mine. I had mine done by tom kaiser $225 he does great work also.


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                    hi Tim, ironic that i just happen to remember about this post and i see ya today. cool, i'd like to see it. im not so great with my camera. the sharpness doesn't seem to be there. it's my first flying pintail. i agree with ya on the pin mounts. i have 2 pins sitting but having a flying mount of a pin this nice is my favorite now. Nothing more sacred than a flying pintail


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                      awesome looking birds! - I've got a nice Bufflehead drake and 2 Harlequins (drake/hen) that are being mounted - the buff just got finished, now its time for the harlys...


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                        Great mounts guys. I hunted ducks and geese in Montana all my life before moving to Alaska in 91. I had a nice woody mounted that I got one year in Montana in the early 80's. I felt fortunate to get him becuase they usually leave early before duck season opened. Well anyway, my woody got infested with some kind of beetle bugs and fell apart. Bummer. Never even got a shot at one after that one. Take care of those mounts guys and keep your home bug free.

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                          Snyd, man i'm sorry about that. I hunted calif all my life and think i only shot twice at woodies. One day a lone drake came in and i got it and the next year i shot into a flock at shoot time not knowing what they were and was bummed about my hen kill. Depending on where we're hunting, them beautiful woodies can be hard to come by for some people.

                          Them bugs must have been living inside your woody. too dang bad. your right about keeping an eye on our birds. I check 'em every week. I have a mallard on top of the vcr and the other day a small spider decided to drop down it's thread for a little sunshine next to the tv before i snuff it out.

                          check for cobwebs. i usually get the duster and work the bird over and then watch for a bit on all sides to see if a spider or bug should emerge. i have 18 mounts and 1 snow. they make awesome for interior decorating. I really hope i can get on a Harliquin hunt this next season.

                          the shop does have a bufflehead that i got last Dec but can't afford to have it done right now. $275.00 is a lot of doe fur me anyway. Let's see your harliquin when it's done OneLung. I love that bluish grey color on them.


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                            Will do - may be a while though - 275$ a piece and having a drake/hen pair that I shot together mounted together - Seemed fitting plus the birds were in PERFECT condition - couldnt even tell I hit them :P


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