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anyone accessed the hay flats VIA the knik?

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  • anyone accessed the hay flats VIA the knik?

    Looking for some info on going in from this side rather then the RS side. PM me if ya can give me some help

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    Very tidal, very shallow, can get rough at high tide if the wind is coming out of the mountains (a couple boats sank 2 years ago) and crowded.


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      The parking on the weekends is getting worse due to there not being an actual parking area, so people just do what they want. The lat comers tend to park in the remaining open area which is the launch area on the shore. Makes for some difficult boat retrailering when going home. Your new little boat might not have an issue if you are loading it in the back of a truck.

      From what I have been told the main pull in spot on the bank is silting in so boat parking is getting harder.

      Depending on the tides you may have to drag your little boat across bars and what not to get to the bank. The access point for the lake shows up well on aerial photo systems.

      There are lots of little channels and drift logs to make your way through so going in and out with a prop is best done on high tides.

      Due to the possibility for standing waves from the wind your hybrid might be a little small. You an make your way along the bank in some protected water if the tide is high enough, but you might end up in the "Matanuska" river rather than the Knik and have a long walk down to the parking area.


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        I am so disappointed in that marsh the last few years, seems there are more people than ducks. IMO, they just don't get time to rest. As far as running the knik, it was those standing waves that sank the boats, took them out about a mile with the tide. Lots of props have been ruined overheading after filling up with silt and not getting cooled. Heck, I clog the water pump in my jet just about everytime.


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          deff does not sound like its worth it. thanks for the info tho guys


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            sent pm, let me know if you don't get it, i had difficulity. Here is pic showing some of the difficulity involved. Bud


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