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DIY euro mount for a fox

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  • DIY euro mount for a fox

    So I have a trapper buddy who gave me a Fox head. i want to do a euro mount of it and I dont want to boil it. So I am looking for ideas. He shot it with a high powered rifle so it was torn in half and he has way to many skulls already so he asked if I wanted it. i also have the tail. How do I keep the tail for slipping?
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    small rubber maid container and some aquarium heaters. Cut off as much flesh as you can and put it in the water. Set the timer and forget it! Really just wait about 3-4 weeks and the flesh will really just fall off since fox are small it shouldnt take long. Keep the water around 110 degrees. IT will be hot enough to do the maceration but not hot enough to make the bone brittle. Some teeth may fall out but I havent found that to be the case with the smaller mammals like fox and lynx but alot fell out of my moose. You will have to dig through the rotten flesh to get the teeth you need to save them so you can glue them back in later. It is messy and very smelly. After a month or so it should be pretty clean and ready for de-greasing.

    When it comes time to de grease empty the container of all of the smelly parts. Then re fill it with clean water and a couple cups of dish soap. I have found the powdered detergent for a dishwasher works the best. Let it soak some more. Once the water gets cloudy or a yellow tint dump and repeat with clean water and soap. Soak it until the water it clear all the time. Once it is de greased you can let it dry for a couple days and it will be ready for whitening/ sealing.


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      Maceration is best achieved between 75 and 85 degrees not higher because you kill the bacteria. Degrease is hotter and with dawn dish soap . Whitening is done with peroxide, and seal is up to you not necessary.

      Look back a few threads for the DIY goat thread there is lots of good advise there from hoytguy and myself.


      Skin and salt the tail, or keep frozen.


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        I boil my skulls with a little Arm and Hammer Super Washing Soda(very little) on the stove for about a half hour, gentle rolling boil. Let it cool, repeat 30 minutes at a time until done, cooling between boils. Pick out any teeth before dumping the water. Dry it, then soak for a few days in Coleman camp gas to degrease it, air drying it for a few more days. Paint it with a mixture of powder lightener and 40 volume developer from a hair supply place for 24 hours, rinse with cold water, white vinegar, then cold water, dry and voila! Finished.


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          Here is a hog skull I boiled out but didn't soak in camp fuel. Hog skulls are oily.


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            Here is a javelina skull I soaked in camp fuel after boiling. Alot whiter.


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