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Winter moose meat care

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  • Winter moose meat care

    I was able to finally get my moose this year during the winter hunt on the flats. I processed the moose exactly as I have with my last four, except that it was -20 when I shot it. My buddy and I had the moose quartered, on the snowmachines, and heading back to the truck within about four hours. I hung the meat in my garage and set the temp to about 40 degrees.

    I have eaten several steaks now and found all the meat is extremely tough to chew. It tastes good, but just tough. Anybody have any suggestions for future winter hunts or personal experiences? I have read that if you let the meat cool too fast or let it freeze that it stops the protein breakdown. The meat did not freeze and I hung it for about five days. Thanks, John

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    That is why God gave man, the "Crockpot".
    ALASKA is a "HARD COUNTRY for OLDMEN". (But if you live it wide'ass open, it is a delightful place to finally just sit-back and savor those memories while sipping Tequila).


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