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Goat horn knife project

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  • Goat horn knife project

    I had mentioned here somewhere that I was having custom knives made with some Mt. Goat horn. I sent in a single Billie and a single Nanny horn to be made into a working capping and skinning style knife.

    I was sent photos today.

    The small blade is only 2.5 inches long. Thats the capping and field work blade.

    The sheaths are still being made and are being sew up with deer backstrap sinew with fancy leather work. I'll post the finished product with the sheath soon.

    It's still less than half a shoulder mount and I've got a working tool to show for it. I thought is was a nice practical use for a couple trophies.
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    Thats fantastic, I like them. Might be tough to carry on the hip depending on the sheath...potential poke in the gut.

    Thumbs up, though
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      Good looking knifes. You could get a hat made with a sheath on each side
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        That could be emergency backup for those up close bow stalks with my whites on.

        I won't wear them on a belt. They will land in a backpack.

        I could always smooth out the point more if it proves a problem.

        I thought it would possibly double as a hide puller/meat hook.


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          I'm afraid you cannot use those knives, Big. The unusual, but attractive handle makes them collector/investment knives. Any use will lower their value. Order a couple cheapies to carry in the pack and mount those beauties in a case for display.
          Can you tell us who is making the knives?
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            His name is Steve Tormalo. I got his recommendation from the folks at Hunting-washington.

            I have yet to handle them but they just might be in the mail today. I really wanted a cool working knife.
            He also made custom leather sheaths made with deer backstrap sinew to go with them. I requested it that way and sent the sinew.


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              photos with sheath

              I've enjoyed having em. Here are the sheaths with knife
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