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Gut a Spring Black Bear?

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  • Gut a Spring Black Bear?

    When field dressing a spring black bear do you gut it out before you skin it and butcher?
    Thanks for your info

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    I like to gut them first for meat quality purposes- also if you shot them at dark and want light to skin them out- they cool out nicely, with no chance of hair slip issues.


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      skin 'em.. pop off the quarters, get the backstraps, take the ribs off and walk away from the gut pile.
      i haven't gutted an animal in years, but you need to be pretty expeditious in your approach. if it's gonna take you 2 hrs to skin a black bear maybe you should gut it first... it takes me a 1/2 hour or so to get one skinned up to the head, then i get the meat off and to the side before i skin out the head and feet.
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      • #4 sure don't. You can skin him out, take the quarters and straps without gutting him.


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          And since the guts don't touch the quarters or the backstrap, a little extra time, (couyple hours, not days) makes little difference.


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            Originally posted by homerdave View Post
            i haven't gutted an animal in years,
            Thats about how I feel about it also. But what do I know I'm just a stupid duck hunter.
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