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    Good Afternoon! I'll be in the Juneau/Kake area 15 May through the end of the month on a black bear hunt and fishing trip. I moved from North Pole to Montana last year, and currently plan on shipping the meat back to Montana. Anyone in the Juneau or Kake that is interested in accepting black bear meat, please let me know via phone or PM. I take pride in my meat field care, so I assure any interested persons that the meat will be handled with the utmost care.

    I plan on taking one bear, and if I find an interested family, I'd be happy to donate as much meat as they like. Here in Montana, my girlfriend and I are still eating-on 1/2 an elk, three deer and two antelope from last year. I would like to see the bear meat go to someone who is interested, if not, I'll ship it and make a ton of sausage. I haven't ruled out shooting a second bear, just depends on the meat disposition from the first bear and the timing during the trip, as I'm well aware meat will not last for two weeks in the field (to all of you who started an admonishing post before reading that last part....stop typing!)

    Good luck to everyone who is heading out this spring!


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    You could try Helping Hands. They provide food directly to families and individuals in need. Helping Hands is a volunteer organization of people helping people. 789-9705 or 789-4390.

    I suggest you offer to grind it up. Jerry's Meat or Horsts could do that. You could probably considered in a charitable donation and write off the cost of grinding and packaging.


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      Originally posted by Alaskastone915 View Post
      I plan on taking one bear, I haven't ruled out shooting a second bear, just depends on the meat disposition from the first bear and the timing during the trip,
      The bag limit in unit # 3 for a non-resident is one Black Bear.
      johnnie laird


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        Thanks for the info

        Thanks LG and Muskeg for the info. Is helping hands associated with a homeless shelter/program? I'll give them a call for sure. Unfortunately Alaska legally prohibits the donation of bear meat to homeless shelters, I called the Glory Hole homeless shelter in Juneau and they gave me the news.

        I am in the military, and maintain AK as my legal residency....I still own a house in North Pole and intend to move back when I retire soon


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          That's news to me! I have donated an entire bear,(burger), to the Glory Hole in the past, and I can find no law in the regs prohibiting the practice.


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            Alaska Code

            Surprised me too, do a Google search for 18 AAC 31.205 and 18 AAC explains the prohibition.



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              I bet a bunch of my buddies would love some meat
              I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.


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                I'll be! That is ridiculous. What a lost opportunity.


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