Musk Ox Mount Prices?



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  • Musk Ox Mount Prices?

    What should I expect to pay for a shoulder mount on a musk ox?

    If you've got one, I wouldn't mind seeing a picture of it as well.


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    a good friend of mine shot one in Feb, but he does his own taxi work so i cannot give you an example cost. i have not checked with him to know if he has received his cape back from the tannery, or i would at least share the cape tanning cost with you.

    i am certain someone will have some good info for you.

    congrats on your ox


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      At least one taxidermist here in the Anchorage area quotes 1350 for a musk ox shoulder mount. I tried looking up Knights but the page won't load. A bit pricy.


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        Trophy Tan Musk Ox Mount

        I would checkout the 3D shoulder mount that Tim has over at Trophy Tan in Palmer. It is the best looking MuskOx mount I have seen. I know if I am ever lucky enough to get one, that is excatly how I will have mine done. It is an awesome mount. You should check with Tim.


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          Trophy tanning & taxidermy, inc.

          Tim VandenToorn, Owner
          2231 Green Forest Drive
          Palmer, Alaksa 99645

          Phone: 907-745-6186
          Fax: 907-745-6186

          I checked his website and he does not have a pic posted, but I am sure he would send you one.
          Tell him Louis sent you


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            Check out alaskan22's post on the hunter fisher taxidermy, then go to his link to That will tell you who NOT to use.


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              Yeah, I would take a look at the work I had done. See if you consider that "quality" for the $1600 I paid for it.

              That being said, I've been told that it looks a lot like a, I believe I am the WORLD RECORD holder for the first Alaskan Wildebeast!!!! However, you can always join me and get yours mounted by them also.
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                I have two pricing sheets from taxidermist's here in some of my files.

                Last Frontier Taxidermy: Musk-ox shoulder mount $1375

                About Alaska Wildlife Art by Golden Taxidermy: Musk-ox shoulder mount $1250

                I don't know anything about Golden Taxidermy. I picked up their price sheet at the Sportsmans Show. Had nice mounts at the show.

                Last Frontier has done great work. I've had a bear done them and my uncle has a sheep and a bison done by Last Frontier.


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                  I got a pedestal mount. Can't remember for sure but I think it was 2300-2500. The dark background doesn't show it well in the pic.
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                    Originally posted by fishermann222 View Post
                    Check out alaskan22's post on the hunter fisher taxidermy, then go to his link to That will tell you who NOT to use.
                    OK, Hunter-Fisher no longer exists. I understand the part about the payment/refund for what isn't good work and agree some settlement should be made by the new owners. However, we don't know who did what part of the work and who was responsible for the slippage, the old owners or new. We need to quit bashing the new owners on quality of the work since we do not know who did what.


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                      disagree Bill

                      Bill if you purchase a business, you are buying there reputation. This should of been taken into consideration prior to the purchase of the business. If they do quality work word will travel and they will prosper. Sorry you mount did not turn our as you hoped Alaskan22, I had a bear that I took perfect care of that slipped a little on the face.



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                        That is true, and I know Hunter-Fisher's reputation went up and down over the years. All I'm saying is that we need to hear from people on the quality of work that the new owners are producing. Yes, we can debate the work Alaskan22 had done and who is responsible, and I agree there definitely needs to be a settlement worked out. I have never used either the old or the new owners but we need to insure we are being fair on the quality of work to the new owners. Yes, I think they should have called Alaskan22 and talked to him when they found out the cape was not in good shape.


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                          operating a business

                          I agree with you that the quality of the work can not be blamed on just the new or just the old owners because we don't know who did what with the hide. It's the quality of the way they handled the poor mount that is being questioned, everyone who has seen the mount knows its poor, thats not in question. The way the NEW owners dealt with it, IS in question.


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                            musk ox price

                            I charge $1550.00 for a musk ox shoulder mount, Here is a pic of one i just finished 3 days ago.

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                              1 more of the same ox
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