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Slide Mountain Skulls - Dermestid Cleaning / Whitening

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  • Slide Mountain Skulls - Dermestid Cleaning / Whitening

    I've finally decided to take my hobby beyond just helping out friends/family and I'm now fully licensed. I started getting enough inquiries about services that it was time to get licensed. It's not worth the repercussions to operate without.

    Partial Service (beetle cleaning only) turn around time will be roughly a week unless noted otherwise.

    For full service all skulls will be dermestid cleaned, degreased and then whitened. Turn around time will depend on how long it takes to degrease the skull.

    My beetle farm is 7' long and 4' wide which should accommodate almost anything including big moose.

    Bulk rates available (5 or more skulls at one time).

    Return customer discount:
    Partial service 5 skulls, the 6th is free.
    Full service 5 skulls, the 6th is free.


    Grizzly/Brown - beetles only $50 - fully whitened $175
    Black - beetles only $40 - fully whitened $145
    Moose - beetles only $125 - fully whitened $250
    Caribou - beetles only $100 - fully whitened $200
    Sheep - beetles only $75 - fully whitened $175
    Goat - beetles only $60 - fully whitened $160
    Wolf - beetles only $30 - fully whitened $100
    Small Predator - beetles only $25 - fully whitened $60
    Other Skulls - price negotiable

    Other Charges:
    Rotten Skull (I'm not talking normal stink, I'm talking rotten) - $20 extra
    Dried Out Skull - $20 extra
    Velvet Removal - $20 extra
    Antler Stain - $20 extra

    If you're interested:

    I'm located in Palmer but willing to meet up in Anchorage if needed.
    You can call/text 907-952-2602.
    PM me here.
    Email me
    Payment accepted cash or credit card (3% credit card fee).

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    Some of the skulls Iím working on right now. Gotta get them degreased so they STAY white [emoji1360]

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      Recent goat project. The skull and horn caps were badly damaged and it took a ton of work to get them looking right. I think it came out looking good, all things considered.

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        Iíve got a handful of skulls Iíll be bringing by to be beetled!
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          Spanish goat that I finished up this evening. I think these things were made for a euro mount.


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            Not all the way dry yet but this bison skull is almost done. Finish the horns and then glue them on is all thatís left.


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              A good bull taken last fall.


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