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Lookout for a cougar skull

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  • Lookout for a cougar skull

    This sucks. I'm out of town on vacation and found out that my company's offices got broken into Saturday night. The degenerates took my bleached cougar skull (unofficial B&C score was 15 2/8"), really nice cat.

    If anybody notices a nice bleached cougar skull up for sale I'd appreciate it if you have me a heads up. There's one on Alaska's List that was posted on 4/19 that isn't mine. Nothing on Facebook or Craigslist yet. I had a clear ziptie keeping the lower jaw closed with the rest of the skull.

    Trying to figure out how to include it in the personal property part of the company's insurance claim too, if anybody has any advice of appreciate that as well.

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    Here are some pics from a year ago. Not like it'll do any good, but figured I'd post them up anyway
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      Sorry, forgot to include the where: it was stolen in midtown Anchorage


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