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Mt. Goat hides after tanning have huge openings on heads

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  • Mt. Goat hides after tanning have huge openings on heads


    I had two hides from a Kodiak hunt tanned this year and they came back with the head looking ridiculous. Large cuts were made along the neck up to where the horns were. Presumably it was to get the skull out easily?

    Here's a pic:

    So... Is this normal when working up Mt. Goat hides? I paid for the skull removal/fleshing at the taxidermy place. I had only shot one goat before and am pretty sure I removed the head from the hide easily by skinning it out just leaving two little holes where the horns are.


    PS I tried the insert image button and it didn't seem to work. Maybe next time!!

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    Sounds like they Dorsal skinned it, up the back like ya would for life size. If ya told em rug, then yeah shoulda popped out skull easy Iíd assume. I skinned mine life size dorsal n Y to the horns. Didnít mount it tho, sold it green.

    So itís probably normal, unless specified how you planned to display.

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      Ok. I guess that's the way it is going to be.

      Thanks for the info.


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        Ya gonna rug it or just hang it? If just hanging or laying on something could into getting it sewn by a taxi or someone who makes items w fur

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          Normal skinning technique for goat mount. I use it all the time.


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            Yeah, I guess there was a big miscommunication between myself and the taxidermist. I asked for it to be tanned so that I could display it as just tanned. I didn't imagine it would turn out like that. I was just going to hang in on a bannister or something.

            I have a goat rug, and it is pretty darn sweet. I don't know what I would do with three goat rugs though at this point.

            I think my plan is to go complain about it to the taxidermist, maybe I can get it sewn up a bit. That'd be great and is a good idea.


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