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Dealing with holes in hides pre/post tanning

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  • Dealing with holes in hides pre/post tanning

    I'm new to hunting and consequently new to dealing with hides. I have a full mountain goat hide from this fall that ended up having a handful of smaller (dime/quarter size) holes from the skinning and fleshing/salting process. I'm about to send it off to a tannery and was wondering what the norm is in trying to have these holes dealt with.

    Will they be an issue long-term if nothing is done? Is there a tendency for them to widen/rip more? If something needs to be done, can most tanneries sew holes?

    Just trying to see what the norms are.


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    The holes are probably not an issue. Tanneries won't sew up the holes, and there's no use sewing them prior to sending off as the tanneries will use rotary knives to shave the hides and inadvertently slice through the stitches. I always do my repair work after returned by the tannery.


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