doing taxidermy without a taxidermy license



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  • doing taxidermy without a taxidermy license

    Taxidermy business owners in Alaska.... I would be curious to know what you would do or have done when/if you hear of others who are doing taxidermy for money, but do not have the required taxidermy license, (and thusly probably not the also required business license(s) )

    I would also like to take this moment to encourage all those doing taxidermy 'as a hobby' to please make sure you know the requirements of the state when it comes to taking money for your taxidermy services (this includes barter, I believe). Even if you are only doing 10 mounts a year for friends - if you take money, you have to have a state taxidermy license. It isn't all that much (not that I believe you get a lot - or anything - for that expense) - why not play on the up and up?
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    Make a phone call to the Troopers.

    Takes care of that really quick.

    When I first came up here the First thing I did was get my licenses , before opening the door of my studio.

    The first couple of years I only did mounts for other taxidermists that were behind on their customers items, but as the law reads if you receive ANY compensation for work you do , you must have a Business License & if you are doing anything for other people that has to do with Wildlife you must have a Taxidermists license from Fish & Game.

    Then, ( Maybe only here in Fairbanks, Not sure ) If your business falls within Fairbanks City Limits you have to get another Business license from the city.

    My studio is out of City limits so , we don't have to worry about that one.

    I have a

    USF&W Import Export Permit

    USDA Aproved Facility Permit

    Taxidermists licenses in Alaska & Oregon

    Fur Buyers Licenses in both states as well as my Trapping license.

    Totals about a thousand dollars a year, but the fines for each if I didn't have them would be a Heck of a lot more.

    Just pay the fees & you can do as much or as little as you want.

    Beats the heck out of standing in front of a judge.

    RJ Simington
    PRO Taxidermy Fairbanks
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