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  • Black Bear Paws

    I have noticed most people here have about a 1/2 bear mount using front shoulders and head. Is there any use for the back claws and how do you remove them? If there is a use for them I might can get a set in the future.

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    Cast Iron, it is not uncommon for folks to want the rear claws from the bear. Easiest way to remove them is to rehydrate the feet in a pail of warm water and then cut them away from the skin. If you live in the palmer wasilla area you can bring your skin by my shop and I can show you how it's done.
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      JuliW thanks for your offer but I live on the east coast. We have only had a black bear season here for a few years and most of the people that kill them has a mount of some kind fixed. Almost none of them use the rear claws and a couple have offered to give them away in the past. I just wanted to know if there was a use for them and how to remove them if someone offered them to me again. I got to come to your state a few years ago and fish. I caught a 45 lb. King, a limit of Halibut, and several other salmon while I was there. I hope to return again soon. I left your state with memories that will last the rest of my life. Thanks!


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