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  • Waterfowl mount

    So my son just took his very first mallard drake. And I would love to get it mounted for him. Does anyone know who Does waterfowl taxidermy up here in fairbanks?

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    I quit doing birds about 10 years ago because I take in too many Mammals.

    Just a word of caution, Look at the taxidermists customers birds that they are currently working on before just leaving the drake with a guy that says he does a good job on birds.

    A good job on birds is as easy to see as a bad one.

    If it looks like it has ruff feather placement /Grooming, the legs are Straight & long, the body looks elongated, or over sized, & are the feet shrunken or miss shapen & Eye rings out of shape & shrunken up ?

    All indicators of a sloppy job on birds.

    As I said I do not mount bids anymore but I used to compete with birds & won a few awards with them.

    Good luck
    RJ Simington
    PRO Taxidermy Fairbanks www.protaxidermy.com
    Custom Taxidermy, Experience the difference !!


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      If you don't find one up there, there is a guy down here that is highly recommended.

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        Birds by Ed in Big Lake is who I'd recommend. He only does bird and is really good


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          I have had a pheasant done by Ed and it is very nice. He currently has a drake woodie of mine that should be done soon. Dropped it off last Nov.


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            Not in AK but these two guys have tons of pictures of birds to help you get an idea of how you want him mounted:




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              Ed does really great birds. I highly recommend him.
              Taxidermy IS art!

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