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  • WTB Blacktail Antlers

    Looking for a decent set of Sitka blacktail anters. I have the form and the hide and now I need a set of antlers to complete the deal. I am an apprentice taxidermist and am going to mount the deer as practice before I start advertising in the next year or two. PM me if you have something. Thanks. Adam

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    Who ends up with the finished product?
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      Also curious on that aspect as to retention.

      And, how decent is decent. I've got a couple of 16-17 inch forks that are currently in a european that would be cool to see mounted up.

      Definitely have some buddies in WRG that have some dandies just sitting in the shed that are capped, that would be great to see with fir.


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        As a taxidermist I would not be allowed to sell the mount so I assumed I would keep it. Any thoughts? Would your buddies be willing in WRG be willing to sell a set to me?


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          If you, as a licensed taxidermist, are mounting someone's antlers with a replacement cape (shop cape), and they are paying you to do the mount, you are providing a service as a taxidermist and the mount is theirs (They buy the replacement cape from you, but the horns/antlers are theirs).

          If you buy antlers (or antlers are given to you) and put a mount together, you cannot sell the mount. (Alaska big game animals) you can buy furs to mount and sell the completed mount.

          Also - make sure those antlers are cut from the skull plate before buying them.
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            Tried to send you a PM but your inbox is full.

            Do you still need antlers? I have some I could send you. They are cut from the skull plate and are pretty typical forken horns for down here; 4''-5'' tines. I could take a picture if you want. If you pay for the shipping, I could put them in a flat rate box and send them to you free of charge. Let me know if you're interested. I have probably 4 pairs.



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