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Preserving Antler Velvet

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  • Preserving Antler Velvet

    From what I have heard and done in the past; leaving it uncovered in the freezer 'freeze dries' the velvet on the antlers and removes most of the moisture. I took my last set out after freezing for a while and let them air dry, they smelled a bit for a few days and then it went away and they have been fine for 4 year and going. Just wondering what other people do to preserve their velvet antlers?

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    Took it to a Taxi and had them do it. My freezer wasn't big enough and I didn't want to risk it.

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      I sprayed them with a mix ment for spraying on capes. That was three years ago and the velvet is still on them. It's been outside under cover of my shed roof. It's not really nice enough to hang inside and would like to take this years to a taxi. Would anybody have any recommendations. Thanks in advance.


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        I freeze tried a smaller 3 point in a frost free freezer for 9-10 months and still is perfect 10 years later.

        I also have used antler in velvet tan and that worked as well. Poke tips and inject.

        Also tried denatured alcohol on a velvet caribou and worked out as well. Turned skull plate upside down in shade. Poked all tips, injected alcohol around burr and various places to get blood flowing out. Then wrapped antlers in towels soaked in the alcohol and wrapped trash bags tight around except tips to get blood to drain and keep alcohol from evaporating. Worked out well, nice P&Y set of beautiful dark antlers on the wall. Was mid August.


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          Moisture is your enemy. Once the animal is down is a good time to protect the velvet from rain and water. It's also a good time to poke the tips and start the blood flowing out. I have heard of people taking syringes in the field and injecting them with gas. Not sure of the results from that though. I know to pull velvet, throw it in a lake and let it soak in the water. The stuff peels off easy then. Also be sure the points aren't getting banged around on the trip out, very easy to damage.
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            +1 on denatured alcohol. I have one from 12 yrs ago that is still on the wall and looks fine. Placed them in three bags, poured a little alcohol in and let set for a week, rotating a few times. Then place under a heat lamp with a fan blowing on them so they dry out quick. I even have the feet and skull plate, with hide intacked, from my first deer preserved with this method and those are 25yrs old.


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