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  • Question for you taxidermy folk

    I was fortunate to take a nice brown bear recently. I am having the hide tanned but have not decided what to do with it yet.....full mount or rug. However...I have always wanted a large bear claw necklace. So my it possible to pull the biggest claw off of this hide when it returns from the tannery, then replace it with an imitation claw so I don't botch the full mount or rug? And...if so....any suggestions on the best way to finish the claw for a necklace?

    Thanks in advance

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    Yes you can remove a claw and use an artificial claw in its place. You can buy claws of different lengths so it will match. As far as how to finish your real claw. It will need to be cleaned of all tissue. Very simple to do. After that I would not put anything on the claw. No reason to. It will keep a nice sheen to it just as it would in nature from constantly rubbing on things. They can be buffed to a very high shine if you like but then it won't look natural, but that's a personal choice.


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      I can only answer for the taxidermist I use. My cousin wanted to do the same thing. When we dropped off the hide and before it went to the tanner, he took the claws my cousin wanted out, made molds of them and then cast duplicates. He had it rugged, you cannot tell the difference unless you look hard. So yes it can be done.


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        No matter what type of mount you choose, replacing a claw or claws is not difficult...there are several sizes and types to be found which can most closely match your bear's claw.

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          Yes not a problem.....and here's an industry secret that will send you all running to your mounts and rugs, que sinister music, sometimes the hides come back from the tannery with a missing claw or sheath. We have to either put a surrogate claw in or use a cast. Most guys and girls will wire in the claws after it happens the first time for the rest of their lives to make sure it doesn't happen again. Of course it never happened to me......
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            Have the taxidermist Cast the claw you are removing.

            That way you get an Exact size & Shape of the claw to put back on the mount.

            All claws are Shaped Differently & Most of the time the ones we can buy from the suppliers don't have the same curvature or thickness that yours has.

            Casting the real claw takes about 1 hour , so its not a big deal to a COMPETANT Taxidermist.

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